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The Muse Collection - Unapologetically dreamy hues.

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The Muse Collection - Unapologetically dreamy hues.

The legend of the muse and her ability to inspire art, poetry and science has been told for centuries. It’s an essentially feminine ideal credited with provoking brilliance and emboldening artists to push the boundaries of original thought.  The Fibonacci Stone Muse Collection, with its unapologetically dreamy hues is a celebration of the importance of the muse, and the ideas of strength found within softness, power found in yield, and memory versus dreams.


“It was interesting to explore softer palettes within this collection,” says Fibonacci Stone’s Creative Director, Michael Karakolis. “I liked the idea of the muse being intrinsic to the ideas, but not overpowering the design. Ideas came in so many forms – from taste, smell, memory, music, and I allowed creative licence to develop these into a quite evocative palette that could be used with great strength en masse, or as a softening agent in bolder projects.”


Fatima’s Reflection

A heady mix of warm hues, redolent of the colours and aromas of Fatima’s homeland, Morocco.

We’ve conjured a tagine-ful of cayenne, cumin, saffron with just a smattering of aniseed, to create this tribute to a colleague’s heartland.


The palest tones of flesh, blush and salmon, inspired by the beauty of a ballerina’s steps en pointe.


We’ve christened this ‘Pavlova’ as Anna Pavlova was widely considered the first to adopt the pointe shoe, and for more obvious reasons… its resemblance to the eponymous and delicious dessert.

As with all of our designs, the Fibonacci Stone Muse collection is available with no lead times, deliverable within seven days.

Photography by Haydn Cattach | Styling by Nat Turnbull & Bek Sheppard