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Warp speed design at Stylerunner by Noise Noise Noise

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Warp speed design at Stylerunner by Noise Noise Noise

Eschewing retail and brand conventions, design studio Noise Noise Noise is fast getting noticed for its customer-focussed conceptual design work devising bold spaces and unique retail experiences. Its recent creation of the first bricks and mortar store for dominant online sportswear retailer Stylerunner was conceived mid-pandemic and cleverly integrates social-distancing measures and customer-friendly smarts such as staff buzzers in dressing rooms and branded water cans.

With an overarching aim to recreate the desirous feelings of euphoria, the store’s aesthetic seeks to replicate those addictive running-induced endorphins.  Fibonacci Stone’s Rocketman (600×600) was a stellar choice for the floors, working brilliantly with the futuristic design elements and pastel-mix palette.

Photography by Arnaud Domange