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Details, details; two bathrooms, two wins.

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Details, details; two bathrooms, two wins.

When you get the details right, the most beautiful bathrooms do double-duty.  Naturally, the pleasing aesthetics make for a stunning room immersion, yet they can also be a satisfying reminder of your creative self as you start each day within them.

Self-expression and attention to detail are key in these two bathrooms created with the help of Sally Birch Design and JDZ Designs.  In the first, designed by Sally Birch Design, Fibonacci Stone’s Fatima’s Reflection conjures a heady mix of warmth and comfort, with its hues repeated in the grout, cabinetry and stunning basin.  In the next, designed by JDZ Designs, the delicate coolness of Flannel Flower is gently warmed by the use of pale timbers, brass and nude-toned tiles and basin. It’s a tale of two bathrooms, beautifully resolved.

Like all of the products in our range, Fatima’s Reflection and Flannel Flower are stocked items, with NO LEAD TIME which means no need to re-select, no project delays and no disappointed clients.

Photography by The Palm Co