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No more design delays and disappointments as Fibonacci Stone announces an end to lead-time frustrations.  Plus, we’ve released another beautiful series of new colours

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No more design delays and disappointments as Fibonacci Stone announces an end to lead-time frustrations.  Plus, we’ve released another beautiful series of new colours

This is not a drill…

“Why yes, that product is available.

Yessssss, right now.

As in, immediately.

Noooo, there are no lead times… you can totally have it, like now… actually!”

And the best bit is – we are not pranking you!


After a three-year overhaul to our supply chain, Fibonacci Stone can now boast (a little) that we are the only Australian terrazzo stone company with a totally planned inventory – which means that our entire collection is available right now – not just a smattering of odds, ends, and project left-overs.   “We have finally turned the tables in favour of the designer and the client,” says Creative Director, Michael Karakolis.


“We’re well aware of the exacting nature of our clients – the architects, designers and the specifiers – and they abhor having to choose the next available option.  It dilutes their design intent, leads to heartbreak for both designer and client, and results in unwanted compromise, and blow-outs in completion dates,” says Michael.


“Truly unique products, the ones that can’t be replicated, can make such a significant contribution to a project’s overall design, however these products often have limited availability or long lead times, making it impossible to meet project completion dates,” he says.  “We feel it’s a big and important achievement for us to be able to take the stress and uncertainty out of the specification process, guaranteeing no lead time, and therefore, no need for re-selections,” he says. 

And if you’ve been keeping a tab on us, you will remember we said there would be more to come?  We’re constantly refining our collection, honing the classics and responding to market trends. There’s too many to show you at one time, so here’s a snap-shot of our latest updates and additions.


Ankle Deep Collection (The Sunbaker, Cool Stream, Freckle) – The Ankle Deep range represents our appreciation of the timeless beauty of nature, and our ongoing desire to capture its beauty in our interiors.


The Sunbaker

The Sunbaker brings to mind a cooling dip in clear running water along a shallow river bank, the soles of your feet navigating the mixture of smooth and sharp-edged pebbles.  Timeless and intrinsically Australian in hue, The Sunbaker is ideally suited to honest, organically inspired architecture.


Cool Stream

Cool Stream is reminiscent of translucent, wintery streambeds, where specks of bluestone pepper the ground between small stones of rust, olive and grey.  En masse it appears cool, but up close, the warm hues will shine.


Recalling the beauty of tiny freckles appearing on pale skin after a day in the sun, this beautiful mix of softly rounded marble, limestone and granite is set within a warm white base.  The occasional appearance of small burgundy and brown shades only increases the warmth and complexity of this stunning tile.




The palest tones of flesh, blush and salmon, inspired by the beauty of a ballerina’s steps en pointe. We’ve christened this ‘Pavlova’, as she was widely considered the first to adopt the pointe shoe, and for more obvious reasons… its resemblance to her eponymous and delicious dessert.


Otherworldly in shape and form, Abstrakt is sublimely gentle in its palette and composition, its pieces seeming to drift breezily around each other. Referencing the playful elements of design from the 1950s to 80s, it’s inkblot-like shapes in shades of grey marble are set within a white base and present an assured, modernist form.



Lands Edge

Hints of warmth in these beautifully translucent light grey and white shards create an unexpected softness (kind of like when the sun hits the slopes…or the ice in your poolside cocktail). When set into an even mid-grey base, the effect is subtle, inviting a tactile response – it’s one of those products you’ll want to reach out and touch.


Dramatically set within a cool dark grey base, white, platinum and steely shapes pop with intense strength, as if hit by a spotlight. Poppin’ is a startling base for any strong monochromatic scheme.


Photography by Haydn Cattach
Styling + AD by Bek Sheppard