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Matter - the unparalleled beauty of irregularity.

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Matter - the unparalleled beauty of irregularity.

For all of the virtues lauded upon symmetry and uniformity, irregular beauty also has a long history of getting noticed… think Brigitte Bardot’s gappy smile, Cindy Crawford’s beauty spot, Bowie’s blue and brown eyes… the mystery of beauty may be eternal, but a few facts endure – and one is that in order to be memorable, one must be different.

The beauty to be found in irregularity was the inspiration behind Fibonacci Stone’s Matter collection, but make no mistake, this wasn’t a mere happy accident.  “Development and innovation are constant at Fibonacci Stone,” says Creative Director Michael Karakolis.  “I wanted to create a series of designs for lovers of the vivid nature of terrazzo, where the aggregate really stands out and exhibits a real sharpness.  Matter designs don’t fade into the background – rather, they become a feature within a design.”

Ghosted & Polarity (L-R)

With the recent release of Ghosted and Polarity, the desultory beauty of the Matter range now extends to six designs.  Its star-power has been unleashed on several attention-deserving projects including a superb arched reception desk and bespoke furniture pieces designed for The Rubenstein Group by Esoteriko Interior Architecture (Abstrakt), the monolithic shapes and light-fittings conceived for Messenger Café by Matt Woods Design (Lands Edge), the avant-garde Microsoft Offices by Tom Mark Henry (Abstrakt) and the sublime Merewether Residence by Horton & Co (Abstrakt).

The Rubinstein Group by Esoteriko Interior Architecture

Messenger Café by Matt Woods Design

Microsoft Technology Centre by TomMarkHenry

Merewether House by Horton & Co Design


Photography by Haydn Cattach