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Pavlova: the perfectly pivoting pink.

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Pavlova: the perfectly pivoting pink.

The world’s fascination with pink has now gone way past the much-hyped millennial trend.  With each season this clever colour seems to make a dainty pivot into just the right hue that designers and their clients are craving.  We’ve seen blush, nude, shell, the brown pinks, the orange pinks, the man pinks… all the pinks.  Pink, it seems, is not a quitter.

Pink’s power to beguile is not ageist or sexist – it’s no longer the sole domain of little girls.  It grows and matures with us and can now be paired with almost every other shade – so much so it’s practically a neutral!

For Leah Rispoli of Hemma Interiors & Drafting, it was the staying power of pink that cemented her choice of Fibonacci Stone’s Pavlova when creating a bathroom for two little girls in the NSW seaside town of Thirroul.  The girls were keen, of course, but for Leah, it was the sophisticated and layered blend of our Pavlova pinks that she knew would carry this bathroom into their teens and beyond.

“I selected this stone very early on in the project as the client had a very specific vision of a pink bathroom for her two daughters. Fibonacci Pavlova came to mind immediately, firstly because it kicked the brief for pink, but secondly because the Pavlova is a very modern take on pink, and I knew would suit the overall aesthetic of this modern home,” she says.  “I wanted this pink to be something that the two girls would love now and for years to come, so it needed to be a very specific type of pink to achieve this. To me, Pavlova is the perfect modern pink.”

Leah specified Pavlova not just for the walls and floors, but because of the dimensions of the tile.  “A half-wall in the shower is a detail I like to include for storage and display, and due to the thickness of the Pavlova stone, we could mitre join the tiles at this half-wall, and avoid using any metal edge trims,” she says.   “All of the other finishes were then selected to complement Pavlova – it really was the starting point for the whole room.”

“It’s always fantastic to hear that one of our stones is a catalyst for a whole room design,” says Michael Karakolis, Creative Director of Fibonacci Stone. ‘And when its properties also give designers more scope to be creative – as Leah has – it’s even better.    Pavlova, like all of our tiles, excels in high-use areas.  We design for longevity – both in style and performance and we were really happy with Hemma Interiors recognition of this.”

Architect: MK Designed
Builder: Seaside Building and Design


Like all of the products in our range, Pavlova is a stocked item with NO LEAD TIME which means no need to re-select, no project delays and no disappointed clients!


Photography by The Palm Co