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The stage is set. Four new Dramaturgy Slab releases are ready for their close-up.

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The stage is set. Four new Dramaturgy Slab releases are ready for their close-up.

The immediate success of Fibonacci Stone’s first large format slab range has prompted the release of four stunning new designs, available immediately.

“The first four designs in our Dramaturgy range of large format 3050x1250x20mm slabs were incredibly well received by architects and designers, and we were thrilled to see them specified immediately for projects including Mecca’s new stores, Transurban headquarters by Hassell and Amazon’s head offices in Perth and Sydney,” says Creative Director, Michael Karakolis.  “Realising the possibilities of this format, creatives were quick to implement unique applications for their own offices, commercial and residential projects – and even furniture designs.”

The four new slabs will also be offered in exclusive, small-batch production runs, and as with the first range, will only be available in slab form, to provide a distinct counterpoint to Fibonacci Stone’s tile products.


The say nostalgia is a twinge in the heart more powerful than memory alone – it’s a feeling of a place we ache to go again.  Inspired by reminisces of a first love affair, and with an undeniable nod to mid-C20 modernism, this design is supremely organic, comprising tonal shades of shale, grey and browns. The fractured fragments are tightly bound in a mid-grey base, almost mimicking the reassuringly nostalgic characteristics of that mid-century favourite, crazy paving.


A mouth-watering concoction of nude, ginger and caramel tones set into a biscuity base.  Carmelita takes us to an aromatic and tempting world.  She’s got a bit of bite though – her syrup is more piquant than sweet, and her capricious mix of shapes means you’re more likely to find here in the cocktail bar than the candy shop.  On the surface this product appears ultra-feminine, but when you take a closer look, it’s strength shines through.


Things are rarely as they seem, and discovering what lies beneath the surface – any surface – has kept humankind pondering for aeons.  Within this exquisitely delicate design lies large fragments of shell-like shards, seemingly shaken off to reveal a softer, more delicate interior. SoftShell is a more vibrant relative of Pavlova, from our tile range. A classic warm neutral, SoftShell is a handsome and refined aesthetic solution (and may, quite possibly, solve some of your more esoteric questions as well).


This power-packed cluster of steely whites and greys carries an air of impenetrable solidity and clout.  A classic grey base is brightened by jagged fragments of a deep, jade-like green, hinting at hidden wealth below.  But there’s nothing flashy going on here – it’s way more old-money than parvenu.  This unique colour combination, presenting as a whole as neither an obvious green or grey, complements a huge array of colour palettes.


“Together with the four original slab designs (please see below), I am loving what this range is becoming,” says Michael Karakolis.  “Offering a limited range, specifically designed to enable designers to take the products to new places, is thrilling.  We are only one small piece of the puzzle that is a completed design, and we will continue to explore and offer new options that are unique, with a high level of exclusivity.”






Like all of our products, the Dramaturgy slabs are all stocked items, with no lead time, no delays, no reselections.