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Fibonacci Stone's NEW Dramaturgy Slab Range

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Fibonacci Stone's NEW Dramaturgy Slab Range

DRAMATURGY is the theory and practice of dramatic composition, and if we may apply it to design, we like to think of it as the way a great piece can be instrumental in creating drama and tension, from concept, to backstage, to centre stage, smack under the spot light.

Every stone in the Dramaturgy range is created to become an intrinsic part of the theatre of everyday life – be it a star-player, a second-lead or an integral part of the ensemble.  We invite our clients to direct the scene, as they are each inspired.

Australia’s design and market leader in terrazzo, Fibonacci Stone, reveals its newest offering: large format slabs.   Measuring 3050x1250x20mm, the Dramaturgy slab range will have an initial release of four beautiful new designs in exclusive, small-batch production runs.

“I designed and developed this slab range to provide our customers with the opportunity to create more than just floors and walls with our product,” says Creative Director Michael Karakolis.   “All great designs are a beautiful combination of drama and tension, with the best designers knowing how to direct each small part to create an incredible whole.  Our slabs are the largest available anywhere, and they’ll empower designers to create counters and benchtops and to fabricate larger furniture pieces – the possibilities are infinite. You can be a lot more creative with slabs than tiles, and our customers have incredible imaginations, so we will very excited to see where they take this product.”

“Fibonacci Stone products are one of the most unique hard surface materials available to the market, and we wanted to elevate this uniqueness for designers and their clients who are actively seeking a notable difference for their projects.  Keeping the production limited supports this,” says Michael.

The four new designs will be available only as slabs, to provide a distinct counterpoint to the existing tile offering.  “The slab designs are quite responsive to the market, but rather than being ‘trend-driven’, I’d say they are more likely to be used in a high-impact way – as a statement piece to create impact in an overall design.”

The four designs in the Dramaturgy slab range are as follows:

Act Three

Like the best theatre, this stone presents itself in three acts:  a deep grey base becomes entangled with bold chunks of black, white and tan, then is cleverly resolved with smaller fragments of soft jade and specks of the palest nude.  It’s a compelling scene, that will provide the perfect resolution for commanding projects.


Like perfectly combined ingredients, or well-chosen words in a letter of love, Assemblage is a study perfect proportions, elegantly expressed. It’s a roll-call of the most covetable and fashion-forward hues; ginger, teal, pale blush, nude, black and grey in the most perfectly measured palette that is superbly suited to distinctive, contemporary projects.


Ink Blot

Sometimes beauty happens by chance, like a fluke of fortune.  Ink Blot is an ode to the concept of sublime, random imperfection; a design that features a constellation of predominantly black fragments set into a pale grey base that appears seasoned with specks of grey and black. With an overall perception of a turbo-charged monochromatic silhouette, closer inspection reveals warm tones via the occasional fleck of fawn throughout.

Moon Garden

Sometimes the most ancient formations will look stunningly contemporary – case in point, Moon Garden. It’s randomly smattered discs of translucent white, grey, chocolate and the palest of pale nude that appear to either be floating to the surface… or maybe they have been uncovered?  These rounded, almost glowing orbs drift through a mid-grey base to create a breathtakingly elegant plateau, inspired by future discoveries of the ancient past.

Just like the Fibonacci Stone tile range, the new Dramaturgy slabs are available now, stocked and ready for immediate delivery.

Photography by Haydn Cattach | Styling by Nat Turnbull