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Fibonacci Stone and Hassell Studio - an en pointe collaboration - The Australian Ballet

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Fibonacci Stone and Hassell Studio - an en pointe collaboration - The Australian Ballet

A collaborative spirit is one of hallmarks of Fibonacci Stone, and the beauty and strength of this approach could not be better illustrated than in our recent work with Hassell Studio in their refurbishment of the Australian Ballet headquarters in Melbourne.

“Leah Hudson-Smith of Hassell wished to specify a terrazzo in a palette of flesh tones, blush and salmon – suggesting the hues of a ballerina’s slipper – which would be used throughout the entry foyer, the main public spaces and in the incredible staircase,” says Creative Director, Michael Karakolis.   “Fibonacci Stone responded to the brief with a new design which we hoped would capture the timeless elegance of ballet, subtly nuancing the dichotomy of dance – and the strength that belies the grace of the steps.”

The tile features flinty shards of those ballet shoe-hues set into a warm neutral base, mixed with larger pieces set to mimic the ‘pas de bourrée’ or quick steps, often done en pointe. “For this reason, we couldn’t resist calling the stone ‘Pavlova’, as Anna Pavlova was widely considered the first to adopt the pointe shoe, and for more obvious reasons… its resemblance to her eponymous and delicious dessert,” says Michael.

The entire project is a celebration of the beauty and hidden strength of ballet.  Brilliantly conceived spaces for the public, staff and dancers followed painstaking and exacting research – take the staircase as an example: it’s sinuous curves elegantly wrap upwards, much like the ribbon of a ballet slipper, but the width of the staircase is designed to allow two tutu clad ballerinas to pass each other without disturbing their costumes. It’s a beautiful example of function equalling form, brilliantly conceived and executed by Hassell Studio.

“It’s in these wonderful collaborations that we feel Fibonacci Stone can offer our wealth of product knowledge, design nous and imagination to our clients,” says Michael.  “We couldn’t be happier with the depth of our full range – which is always available in stock – but these bespoke commissions really are, the cream on the pav.”

Photography by Lillie Thompson