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Neues Works - Introducing the Superfines to the Neues Collection

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Neues Works - Introducing the Superfines to the Neues Collection

Intrinsic to the design process here at Fibonacci Stone is a commitment to the thoughtful, crafted evolution of our products.  We’re not just happy to design a range and leave it at that – rather, we constantly hone and develop our ranges to create subtle yet significant product variations that will suit the nuances of every project.  Just as our clients create beautiful, layered designs, we love to create ranges of rich depth and diversity, as seen in the expansion of our popular Neues range.


Neues is our ode to the hard-edged beauty of Brutalist forms – it’s where architecture and nature collide to create a distinctly robust stone that plays on light and shade.  It’s intense, but the faint warmth in its base creates a responsive effect that serves to only highlight its strength and versatility.


“We’re incredibly pleased to reveal the three new designs in this beautiful range, which are slightly more restrained portrayals of existing favourites Hardware, Khaki Jam and Eventide.” says Creative Director Michael Karakolis.

Hardware Superfine

Intense, splintered shards form a complex, uncompromising and unconventional terrazzo, inspired by the hard edges and shadows of Brutalist architecture.  Gunmetal to mid-strength greys are peppered with occasional amber and olive granite chips, tempering its appearance with a faint warmth.  Hardware Superfine, in no way diminishes the bold strength of Hardware, rather it presents as a more distinct and intensified form.

Khaki Jam Superfine

This slightly restrained adaptation of Khaki Jam features a more refined material mix, yet still the colours of Khaki Jam Superfine pay homage to natural landscapes of muted greens, browns, rusts and greys. Khaki Jam Superfine, with its more subtle character, also has the ability to mimic the act of camouflage. It is brilliant for blending into a subtle room scheme, but it can also appear with strength as a stand-alone feature. Set within an earthy bone-hued cement base, the mixture of mostly warm shards and stones are given freshness by cool khakis, pale olive and laurel.

Eventide Superfine

Like the moments between day and night, when the light ebbs and flows, Eventide has the ability to appear either warm or cool. Almost fossil-like in appearance, mixed amongst the small grey shapes and base are handsome flecks of warm orange, amber and olive green.   Eventide Superfine features a more finely-drawn mix of stones than Eventide, yet it still combines the strength of appearance of a bluestone, with the complexity of a stunning terrazzo.


“The Fibonacci Stone Neues collection is now an epic offering of stone designs that, just like the rest of our range, is fully-stocked and available right now,” says Michael Karakolis.  “The response to our offer of no lead-time and delivery within seven days has been phenomenal – it’s a testament to our efforts to work with our clients to avoid design compromises and always achieve the best project outcomes.”