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Ankle Deep - retreat to ancient palettes.

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Ankle Deep - retreat to ancient palettes.

The desire to roam, to decamp from our land-locked metropoles has likely never been so heightened as we have recently known it.  Our senses crave it; the sight of road dust rising from tyres as they bump along unmade roads; the slow melodics of chilled playlists; the feel of towels, damp after cooling dips; the scent of summer, the taste of freedom. We’re hungering for the waterways and the bush as never before.

An homage to the ancient palettes of the Australian landscape, the Fibonacci Stone Ankle Deep collection represents our collective memories of time well spent in nature, and our desire to immerse (maybe even submerge) ourselves in it again.  With the release of Striker, a sophisticated stone that draws on the lore of the lucky strike, with smooth, rounded pebbles of bisque, olive, tan sand and beige, the Ankle Deep collection now stands at five pure, earthy designs.

Ankle Deep was designed to portray a more organic, natural aesthetic, that would deliberately allow people to feel closer to nature,” says Fibonacci Stone Creative Director, Michael Karakolis. “I wanted designers to be able to draw on our unique Antipodean hues, the ochres, umbers, the russets, and all of our greens. The designs are a complex blend of rugged and smooth, mimicking the simultaneous invigoration and relaxation that being close to nature brings.”

“Of course, and as always, we will be blown away by the applications that designers and architects conceive for our products,” says Karakolis.  “Ankle Deep has already surfaced in some incredible projects, like the new Hansen & Gretel store, (The Sunbaker), the Hedgeley Project by SJB (Road Trip), Tetto di Carolina by Chris Connell Design (Freckle), McGrath Real Estate Agents by The Unlisted Collective (Cool Stream), and The Stables Bar by State of Kin (The Sunbaker).  It makes us immensely proud to be contributing to these significant Australian projects with our own tribute to the unique Australian palette.”

Hedgeley Apartments by SJB Interiors featuring Road Trip

Photography by Earl Carter by Peter Clarke

Hansen & Gretel by Georgie Frew and Lauren Brown featuring The Sunbaker 

Photography by Fiona Susanto

Tetto Di Carolina by Chris Connell Design featuring Freckle

Photography by Earl Carter

McGrath Real Estate by The Unlisted Collective featuring Cool Stream.

Photography by Justin Alexander



Like all of your products, designs from the Ankle Deep collection are stocked items, with ​NO LEAD TIME​ which means no need to re-select, no project delays or disappointed clients.


Fibonacci Stone photography by Haydn Cattach.