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A creation for the eye that can only be hinted at with words.

What begins as a random collection of materials, we design each product to recognise both the individual and collective of repurposed material where all elements are involved with each other and not just mixed together.



We pay attention, listen and challenge the status quo.

Truly unique products, the ones that can’t be replicated can make such a significant contribution to a project’s overall design, however, these products can often have limited availability, making it impossible to meet project completion dates.

We take the stress and uncertainty out of the specification process, all our products are stocked items with no lead time, and therefore, no need for re-selections.

Making a product ‘truly available’ is more than a promise.


There is always something new around the corner….

It’s about design and how our products will be used next. We are only one part to a great design, and knowing this, is why we continue to create new and unique products.