Vasa Sculptures by Vasa Mihich

Internationally renowned painter and sculptor Vasa Mihich is living proof that some things get better with age. The octogenarian has been brightening up the world since the 1960s and his artworks just keep impressing.

Originally from the former Yugoslavia, Vasa arrived in Los Angeles in 1960 and worked primarily as a painter before discovering sculpture as an alternate art form.

His bold and multi-coloured sculptures are made from laminated cast acrylic and have seen him firmly placed in the canon of American art.

Vasa first made the switch from painting by abandoning traditional techniques and materials in favour of a more industrial bent. This captured the attention of art critics and collectors alike.

“I came to the United States because of Abstract Expressionism,” the artist wrote in his 2007 monograph. “Instead, I found Minimalism, and more. It took me four years to adapt to and appreciate this important new art.”

Vasa’s artistic process is labour-intensive, time-consuming and at times fast-paced.

“Often, I sandwich clear acrylic with transparent, coloured sheets of the same material. After stirring together the adhesive’s components, I have only 20 minutes to pour the glue between cast acrylic parts before the polymerization of the adhesive is complete,” Vasa has explained of his process. “I make the sculpture parts separately, but put them together before machining and polishing.”

His works are in the form of parallelograms, hexagonal columns, spheres and rectangular columns that burst with colour and life – much like Vasa himself.

We look forward to more bright years ahead for this 83-year-old artist.

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