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Khaki Jam serves up a mouth-watering delight at St Kilda’s Piccolina Gelateria

Piccolina Gelateria

Melbourne’s strong Italian heritage is well reflected in our culinary obsessions, – try counting its proliferation of coffee houses, pasta bars and delicatessens.  And when it comes to sweet-treats, true Italian-style gelato is a delicacy that seams to defy trends – and even seasons – it’s a year-round pleasure.

Leading Melbourne design practice Hecker Guthrie have created a mouth-watering look for the new St Kilda favourite, Piccolina Gelataria, giving a big nod to the celebrated 1960s Italian era of ‘la dolce vita’ (literally, the sweet life).  A palette of green and white, with warm timber touches creates a fresh backdrop for the store, which been designed to bring people together in the enjoyment of choosing and enjoying the traditional flavours.


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This palette is enhanced with the use of Fibonacci Stone’s Khaki Jam tiles underneath the open-counter and on the entrance floor.  Perfect for this seaside setting, Khaki Jam’s design pays homage to natural landscapes of muted greens, browns, rusts and greys, and is brilliant for blending into a subtle room scheme such as at Piccolina Gelateria.  Set within an earthy bone-hued cement base, the mixture of mostly warm shards and stones are given freshness by cool khakis, pale olive and laurel – a mix that sounds almost as delectable as a Piccolina’s gelato.


In this era, with customers demanding that the design and appearance of a store is equally as satisfying as the goods they produce, it’s always a pleasure to be involved in projects of this calibre, and we congratulate both Piccolina Gelateria and Hecker Guthrie on another sweet success.

Photography by Shannon McGrath

Discover Fibonacci Lands Edge Terrazzo

Lands Edge

Hints of warmth in these beautifully translucent light grey and white shards create an unexpected softness (kind of like when the sun hits the slopes…or the ice in your poolside cocktail).

When set into an even mid-grey base, the effect is subtle, inviting a tactile response – Lands Edge is one of those products you’ll want to reach out and touch.

Lands Edge Terrazzo Tiles are ideal for both residential and commercial flooring applications as they possess a high slip resistance, require minimal ongoing maintenance and have a lifespan of over 30 years.

Fibonacci Stone are the only Australian terrazzo stone company with a totally planned inventory – which means that our entire collection is available right now.

All new releases – including Lands Edge – are fully stocked with no lead time and can be delivered within 7 days.

Lands Edge

Lands Edge

Lands Edge

Photography by Haydn Cattach

Hero image styled by Nat Turnbull

All other images styled by Bek Sheppard

Fibonacci Stone and Hassell Studio – an en pointe collaboration – The Australian Ballet

australian ballet

A collaborative spirit is one of hallmarks of Fibonacci Stone, and the beauty and strength of this approach could not be better illustrated than in our recent work with Hassell Studio in their refurbishment of the Australian Ballet headquarters in Melbourne.

Australian Ballet“Leah Hudson-Smith of Hassell wished to specify a terrazzo in a palette of flesh tones, blush and salmon – suggesting the hues of a ballerina’s slipper – which would be used throughout the entry foyer, the main public spaces and in the incredible staircase,” says Creative Director, Michael Karakolis.   “Fibonacci Stone responded to the brief with a new design which we hoped would capture the timeless elegance of ballet, subtly nuancing the dichotomy of dance – and the strength that belies the grace of the steps.”

The tile features flinty shards of those ballet shoe-hues set into a warm neutral base, mixed with larger pieces set to mimic the ‘pas de bourrée’ or quick steps, often done en pointe. “For this reason, we couldn’t resist calling the stone ‘Pavlova’, as Anna Pavlova was widely considered the first to adopt the pointe shoe, and for more obvious reasons… its resemblance to her eponymous and delicious dessert,” says Michael.

The Australian Ballet

The Australian Ballet The Australian BalletThe entire project is a celebration of the beauty and hidden strength of ballet.  Brilliantly conceived spaces for the public, staff and dancers followed painstaking and exacting research – take the staircase as an example: it’s sinuous curves elegantly wrap upwards, much like the ribbon of a ballet slipper, but the width of the staircase is designed to allow two tutu clad ballerinas to pass each other without disturbing their costumes. It’s a beautiful example of function equalling form, brilliantly conceived and executed by Hassell Studio.

“It’s in these wonderful collaborations that we feel Fibonacci Stone can offer our wealth of product knowledge, design nous and imagination to our clients,” says Michael.  “We couldn’t be happier with the depth of our full range – which is always available in stock – but these bespoke commissions really are, the cream on the pav.”

Photography by Lillie Thompson

NEW RELEASE: Fibonacci Dark Neues Terrazzo

Dark Neues_Terrazzo

Like its counterpart, Neues Grey, Dark Neues was inspired by mid C19th Brutalist forms. Dark Neues combines complex, craggy forms set into a deep grey base, according it a robust and powerful appearance.

Neues is where architecture and nature collide to create a distinctly robust, unapologetic homage to the hard-edged beauty of Brutalist forms.  Intense but never overpowering, the Neues range plays on light on shade, each with a faint warmth to be found within its base.   Fibonacci Stone’s founder and creative director Michael Karakolis, describes the Neues range as having been “developed with the driving intent to create the perfect hard surface stone for main floor areas.  We’ve found that it creates an incredibly versatile base palette for lighter or more moody schemes, as the subtle colouring of greys set within a contrasting warm base provide a light appearance overall, but it also provide the best performance characteristics of a darker floor.”

“We’ve designed the Neues range with variations in the aggregate size, from a traditional terrazzo look right down to very refined superfine blend, so the designer may control the impact of the tile in the overall design – and the floor texture can be scaled up or down, according to the project,” says Michael. “They can also be used together  – it’s not incredibly noticeable when viewed en masse, but on closer inspection a beautiful new layer of interest will emerge.”

Read more about our Neues Collection.

dark_neues_terrazzoFibonacci Stone are the only Australian terrazzo stone company with a totally planned inventory – which means that our entire collection is available right now.

All new releases are fully stocked with no lead time and can be delivered within 7 days.

FibonacciStone_Dark Neues Terrazzo

FibonacciStone_Dark Neues Terrazzo

FibonacciStone_Dark Neues Terrazzo

FibonacciStone_Dark Neues Terrazzo

Photography by Haydn Cattach

Styling and Art Direction by Bek Sheppard

Story cover image – Photography by Haydn Cattach & Styling by Nat Turnbull

No more design delays and disappointments as Fibonacci Stone announces an end to lead-time frustrations.  Plus, we’ve released another beautiful series of new colours.

Fibonacci Stone Pavlova

This is not a drill…

“Why yes, that product is available.

Yessssss, right now.

As in, immediately.

Noooo, there are no lead times… you can totally have it, like now… actually!”

And the best bit is – we are not pranking you!

After a three-year overhaul to our supply chain, Fibonacci Stone can now boast (a little) that we are the only Australian terrazzo stone company with a totally planned inventory – which means that our entire collection is available right now – not just a smattering of odds, ends, and project left-overs.   “We have finally turned the tables in favour of the designer and the client,” says Creative Director, Michael Karakolis.

“We’re well aware of the exacting nature of our clients – the architects, designers and the specifiers – and they abhor having to choose the next available option.  It dilutes their design intent, leads to heartbreak for both designer and client, and results in unwanted compromise, and blow-outs in completion dates,” says Michael.

“Truly unique products, the ones that can’t be replicated, can make such a significant contribution to a project’s overall design, however these products often have limited availability or long lead times, making it impossible to meet project completion dates,” he says.  “We feel it’s a big and important achievement for us to be able to take the stress and uncertainty out of the specification process, guaranteeing no lead time, and therefore, no need for re-selections,” he says.  

And if you’ve been keeping a tab on us, you will remember we said there would be more to come?  We’re constantly refining our collection, honing the classics and responding to market trends. There’s too many to show you at one time, so here’s a snap-shot of our latest updates and additions.

Ankle Deep Collection (The Sunbaker, Cool Stream, Freckle) – The Ankle Deep range represents our appreciation of the timeless beauty of nature, and our ongoing desire to capture its beauty in our interiors.

The SunbakerThe Sunbaker The Sunbaker

The Sunbaker

The Sunbaker brings to mind a cooling dip in clear running water along a shallow river bank, the soles of your feet navigating the mixture of smooth and sharp-edged pebbles.  Timeless and intrinsically Australian in hue, The Sunbaker is ideally suited to honest, organically inspired architecture.

Cool StreamCool Stream Cool Stream

Cool Stream

Cool Stream is reminiscent of translucent, wintery streambeds, where specks of bluestone pepper the ground between small stones of rust, olive and grey.  En masse it appears cool, but up close, the warm hues will shine.

Freckle FreckleFreckle


Recalling the beauty of tiny freckles appearing on pale skin after a day in the sun, this beautiful mix of softly rounded marble, limestone and granite is set within a warm white base.  The occasional appearance of small burgundy and brown shades only increases the warmth and complexity of this stunning tile.


Fibonacci Stone PavlovaPavlovaPavlovaPavlova


The palest tones of flesh, blush and salmon, inspired by the beauty of a ballerina’s steps en pointe. We’ve christened this ‘Pavlova’, as she was widely considered the first to adopt the pointe shoe, and for more obvious reasons… its resemblance to her eponymous and delicious dessert.



Otherworldly in shape and form, Abstrakt is sublimely gentle in its palette and composition, its pieces seeming to drift breezily around each other. Referencing the playful elements of design from the 1950s to 80s, it’s inkblot-like shapes in shades of grey marble are set within a white base and present an assured, modernist form.


Lands EdgeLands EdgeLands EdgeLands Edge

Lands Edge

Hints of warmth in these beautifully translucent light grey and white shards create an unexpected softness (kind of like when the sun hits the slopes…or the ice in your poolside cocktail). When set into an even mid-grey base, the effect is subtle, inviting a tactile response – it’s one of those products you’ll want to reach out and touch.

Poppin'Poppin'Fibonacci Stone_poppin'Fibonacci Stone_poppin'


Dramatically set within a cool dark grey base, white, platinum and steely shapes pop with intense strength, as if hit by a spotlight. Poppin’ is a startling base for any strong monochromatic scheme.

Photography by Haydn Cattach 

Styling + AD by Bek Sheppard 

Introducing the INTUIT Collection of terrazzo by Fibonacci Stone

The Raven

To intuit is to know or discover by intuition… and, if there’s one thing designers might (we said might) agree on, it’s that decision making is not always rooted in logic or reason.  And if we had a dollar for every time a client or customer said “I don’t know why I like it, but I just know I do,” well, we’d probably still be here, but we’d also be browsing a Tesla brochure.  Design decision-making is as much about gut-instinct, familiarity and intuition – as it is the practical considerations, which is why we’ve brought together this family of styles under the INTUIT banner.

“Ostensibly the most traditional of our terrazzo styles, the Intuit range is where history, nature and memory converge in a beautifully crafted Fibonacci Stone product,” says Creative Director Michael Karakolis.   “From the pleasurably faint warmth found in winter sun, to the reassuring sound of raindrops pelting the ground outside, or the recollection of writing on a chalkboard as a child, each of the Intuit range evokes rich memories, and a sense of beautiful familiarity.”

Fibonacci Stone_High Cloud

High Cloud

Bearing similarities to a traditional terrazzo, the patterns of High Cloud bring to mind a recognisable and reassuring form. A gentle mix of warm grey and fresh white Carrara marble conflate within a grey base to an almost translucent neutral in which, en masse, the larger chips become dominant and a lighter overall surface prevails.


The perfect contemporary neutral that brings to mind the unexpected pleasure of the warmth of soft winter sun.  Featuring elegantly elongated Carrara marble pieces in soft, faded greys set within a fresh white base, this is an extremely versatile terrazzo for varied interior scheme


Cloudburst hits the ground at a gentle pace, and its occasional warm russet stone delivers an overall soft and fragmented surface. Fine marble chips, with a smattering of black dust in the base create a stunningly contemporary finish, which appears lighter when laid en masse.


Exquisitely delicate traces of white and palest grey marble set within a white base conjure the chalkiest, almost translucent finish. Chalky is incredibly consistent in its composition, and will appeal to room schemes that require timeless elegance.

Flannel Flower

Flannel Flower

A subtly gentle fusion of patterns that resemble a pale, traditional terrazzo, the characteristics of Flannel Flower bring to mind a recognisable and reassuring form.

A gentle mix of warm grey and fresh white Carrara marble conflate within a light grey base to an almost translucent neutral in which, en masse, the larger chips become dominant and a lighter overall surface prevails


Like its namesake metal that has forever been a symbol of prestige and dependability, Platinum presents a highly consistent neutral finish that is perfectly suited for use as a clean canvas for a wide range of room schemes.

Its ultrafine shards of predominantly white and grey Carrara marble are densely set within a neutral grey base which lend it the uniform appearance of a stone product.


Steel was based on the unique composition of marble and cement developed in Platinum Terrazzo Tiles – a favourite of many leading interior designers and architects. Steel introduces a bold blue grey tone to the range that’s reminiscent of unfinished steel

The Raven

Dramatic and transformative, The Raven is a striking blend of rounded and acicular black marble chips, softened by a light grey base.

Perfectly suited to sophisticated, urbane interiors, this is a luxe, more refined alternative to industrial polished concrete.


Photography by Haydn Cattach

Styling and Art Direction by Bek Sheppard


Designer Focus: Made by Morgen

Fibonacci Stone_Made By Morgen

Here at Fibonacci Stone, we believe that our products are much more than just the sum of their parts.  History, craftsmanship, and materiality all converge with today’s best design practices to create a narrative for their future use – enabling us to work with architects and designers to create projects of exceptional quality and timelessness.

made by morgenIt’s an amazing time to be working with Australian and international designers – and to see other creators with a similar outlook doing so well in their respective fields.

Case in point is Nick McDonald, owner, designer and creator of Melbourne-based furniture studio, Made by Morgen. Nick’s childhood was spent on a farm; a building apprenticeship followed, then a stint in a large construction management firm.  It was during a trip to Denmark that a fortuitous opportunity to work with and learn from a master furniture craftsman that set Nick on his course.


Back in Melbourne, the chance to design the fit-out for a mates store cemented his future path – and Made By Morgen was born. Its signature style combines a timeless blend of Scandinavian and Japanese influences – all with a very Australian countenance.

A recent photo shoot by Lillie Thompson, styled by Bek Sheppard, beautifully illustrates the Made By Morgen furniture range. Bek’s stunning sets of pale grey battened walls featured Fibonacci Stone’s Neues Grey tiles  – providing a sublime backdrop for Made By Morgen’s unique and individualised pieces. It was a great shoot be involved with, and we are very much looking forward to watching the future evolution of Made By Morgen.

Photography by Lillie Thompson and Styling by Bek Sheppard


Fibonacci Neues Grey debuts at Hinoak by Biasol

fibonacci stone_hinoak_neues grey

We’re thrilled to see our new Fibonacci Stone products start to appear in some of Australia’s latest standout interior projects.

Our Neues Grey was recently specified by Melbourne design studio Biasol for the bar area of Hinoak, an elegantly modern take on a traditional Korean barbecue restaurant in Glen Waverley.

fibonacci stone_biasol_hinoak

Biasol drew inspiration for this stylish re-boot of a much-loved dining tradition from the intricate timber eaves of historic Korean houses, underpinned by a desire to combine ‘craft, harmony and a delicate balance between built form and natural material’.

fibonacci stone_neues grey_biasolA timber-battened ceiling that subtly curves downward to become the rear wall creates a warm and intimate interior that is enhanced by LED backlighting along two banks of timber tables.

Concrete-look walls and tan leather upholstery are perfectly complemented by the Fibonacci Stone Neues Grey clad bar area. Neues Grey’s rugged chips of cool marble with flecks of warm-hued rock set within a neutral grey concrete base are the perfect counterpoint to an otherwise un-pattered material palette.

Fibonacci Stone_Biasol_Hinoak_4

fibonacci stone_biasol_hinoak

Hinoak_design by Biasol_Photo by James Morgan_011Beautifully sculpted timber tops gently wrap around the Neues Grey bar in sections, again highlighting the perfect colour partnership between the concrete, timber and stone products selected by Biasol.

Biasol’s creation of this beautiful bar area yet again underscores the versatility of Fibonacci Stone’s products – walls and floors are only the beginning, and its potential is inhibited only by imagination.
Congratulations to Hinoak and Biasol on this beautiful re-imagination of a time-honoured dining tradition.

Fibonacci Stone_Biasol_Hinoak_6

fibonacci stone_biasol_hinoak

Hinoak_design by Biasol_Photo by James Morgan_017

fibonacci stone_biasol_hinoak

Hinoak_design by Biasol_Photo by James Morgan_018

Photography courtesy of James Morgan

A custom-cut collaboration with Studio Griffiths at their Mainridge 2 Residence

studio griffiths

Eschewing the typically rough-hewn or sea-faring styles adopted for many coastal/country homes, Studio Griffiths took a refined and elegant approach when designing Main Ridge 2, located in the inland rolling hills of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

Despite its nod to barn-style architecture, the striking deep grey weatherboard and colourbond structure sits smartly within its manicured landscape, with opposing central doors and windows creating a clear link between the interior and its lush surrounds.

studio griffiths

studio griffithsThe hallmarks of Studio Griffiths’ projects are attention to detail and a clever mix of materials, often used in unexpected combinations, or with a new spin on their application.

With an overall colour palette of black, blanched oak and white, with just a hint of colour (from only the murky end of the spectrum) the selection of Fibonacci Steel for the bathroom and laundry lent another level of urbane sophistication to the wet areas.

studio griffiths

studio griffithsHowever, it’s the design of a feature wall of custom cut terrazzo stone, laid in a striking diamond pattern, that sets this room apart.  Fibonacci Stone worked closely with Studio Griffiths in the custom cutting of the stone (with the help of our partner AMS Surfaces), to create what we think is another brilliant take on mixing tradition with modernity.

studio griffiths

studio griffiths

studio griffithsIt’s what we love best here at Fibonacci Stone – working with clever designers to create new ways of using this product with such a rich history.  Congratulations to Studio Griffiths on another wonderful project.

Photography by Sharyn Cairns

Tobias Partners – Bondi Beach House

A 1980s beach house in North Bondi has been re-imagined for the modern era with bold features that eschew the typical beachside palette of weatherboard and whitewash wooden floors. The result is a fresh, distinctive family home with luxurious materials, including a te­rrazzo tiled floor from Fibonacci Stone.

Tobias Partners, in collaboration with Sydney building company Horizon, were given the task of transforming this four-bedroom beach house into a strikingly modern family home. Spread over three levels, it includes unique features such as a copper fireplace and white beeswax plaster walls that are the perfect backdrop for the owner’s wide and eccentric collection of art.

Fibonacci Stone Storm terrazzo tiles were selected for both the interior and exterior to create a seamless palette inside and out. The composition of the storm tile creates homogeneity in the entire floor that allows it to be continued from the interior to the exterior with  the strength and durability of Fibonacci Stone making it suitable to both applications.

Storm terrazzo tiles feature pale aggregates of white, bone and pearl-grey marble that contrast with a stormy grey cement, creating a bold and graphic appearance that complements the interior design of this home. Storm tiles create a contrast to the white walls but still maintain a light and fresh flooring finish that is ideal for the coastal location.

The durability of Fibonacci Stone terrazzo tiles also makes them suitable for outdoor applications. Fibonacci Stone is stronger and has a higher density than ordinary terrazzo. The low porosity and, more importantly, the consistency in the material results in higher resistance against external elements and maintains a more even wear over time without losing its aesthetic appeal.

Far from a ‘typical’ beach house, this North Bondi home is a modern masterpiece with high-quality materials that will never go out of style.