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Malvern Project by Joy Design

joy design

Joy Design were tasked with designing a bathroom space for two teenage sisters with a strong emphasis on using durable materials that would see the sisters through to adulthood, making Fibonacci Stone an incomparable choice for the Malvern Project bathroom.

joy designDesigned with longevity in mind, Joy Design created a bathroom that encompassed beauty, functionality and most importantly, fun(!) in their Malvern Project. A timeless monochrome palette was offset by pops of hot pink and custom joinery, tied in with Abstrakt’s playful elements and sublimely gentle palette and composition giving the project a distinct 80’s flavour.

joy design

joy design

joy design

Images courtesy of Stephanie Rooney

Messenger Cafe by Matt Woods Design

messenger cafe

Some interior design projects have more of a back-story than others, making the design process and material specification all the more paramount to the end product.  Such was the case when designer Matt Woods took the brief for the refurbishment of the Messenger Café in Sydney’s Pyrmont.

messenger cafe“The design was conceptualised based on the clients own personal belief system, and as such I wanted to create a space which reflected the motifs of Christian church design, and this obviously extended through to the materiality,” explains Matt.  “I landed on a terrazzo tile as I felt this was a great solution which felt timeless yet contemporary and the finish would aid in the creation of the monolithic structures I wanted.”

messenger cafe

With its hints of warmth and beautifully translucent light grey and white shards that create an unexpected softness, Fibonacci Stone’s Lands Edge was the perfect fit.  “Lands Edge was chosen for its restrained and simple beauty, and as the first finish I selected, it went on to inform all other materials in the palette,” says Matt.

Used across the walls, floors, the counter and banquette seating, Lands Edge has even been implemented into a striking steeple-like peaked wall feature, as well as smaller back-lit wall sconces.

With a short lead-time on the project, it was also Fibonacci Stone’s pledge to have all products available, ready ship, with no lead-time, that further attracted Matt to Lands Edge. “Fibonacci Stone was ready, available and transportable,” says Matt.   Now back open and even more bustling than ever, the cafe is certainly looking divine. Congratulations to Matt and The Messenger Café for a truly inspired project.

messenger cafe

Photography by Dave Wheeler / Styling by Madeline McFarlane

The Sunbaker heats up at Operation Zaatar

Operation Zaatar

Two passionate hearts “on a mission to celebrate the authentic flavours of their Lebanese heritage” are behind the recently opened Sydney eatery, Operation Zaatar.  Named after the herb grown by their grandfathers, as well as the flavourful blended spice condiment, za-atar, the family owned café looked to Strutt Studios to create a contemporary interior that drew on this heritage.

operation zaatar operation zaatar“Operation Zaatar is a boutique bakery offering Middle Eastern comfort dishes, share plates and pastries, and this unique hospitality concept offered an opportunity to create a bespoke interior to match – whereby the interior design not only represented the visual identity of the Operation Zaatar brand, but allowed us to experiment with products such as the Fibonacci Stone’s The Sunbaker tile in unconventional ways,” says Sophie Bowers, director of Strutt Studios.

operation zaatar

operation zaatar“The design concept for Operation Zaatar stemmed from the colours and organic texture of the Zaatar herb in its natural landscape.  Burnt oranges and muddy greens are balanced by soft beige tones, and as the design developed, The Sunbaker tile was one of the first finishes to be specified,” she says. “Not only does The Sunbaker colour scheme mimic that of the scorched scenery from our concept, but importantly, we knew that the flooring had to be the most durable product in the entire fit-out. This was another key reason why we specified Fibonacci Stone, because the technology behind the product meant that we could confidently assure our clients of its longevity”.

operation zaatar“The Sunbaker tile became a key driver in the design development process as we focused on making the giant oven feel balanced within the interior. Our lead project designer created a beautiful skirting detail with The Sunbaker around the oven and counter, and due to the soft pattern and organic finish of the tile, these bulky items were given a weightless appearance,” says Sophie. “Additionally, this stunning tile was used as a feature bench top on many of the joinery pieces, in another nod to traditional construction methodology.”

Fibonacci Stone Creative Director, Michael Karakolis agrees: “The Sunbaker is ideally suited to honest, organically inspired architecture, and this is a great example of form, function and heritage coming together beautifully.  It’s very much what we are about here at Fibonacci Stone, and heartfelt congratulations to Strutt Studios, the builders Sheeth Projects and to Operation Zaatar on a fantastic result”.

Timeless and intrinsically Australian – The Sunbaker

The Sunbaker brings to mind a cooling dip in clear running water along a shallow river bank, the soles of your feet navigating the mixture of smooth and sharp-edged pebbles.

Timeless and intrinsically Australian in hue, The Sunbaker is ideally suited to honest, organically inspired architecture.

The Sunbaker Terrazzo Tiles are ideal for both residential and commercial flooring applications as they possess a high slip resistance, require minimal ongoing maintenance and have a lifespan of over 30 years.

The Sunbaker

The Sunbaker

The Sunbaker

The Sunbaker

Photography by Haydn Cattach | Styling by Bek Sheppard (Set Images) & Hero Image styled by Nat Turnbull

Abstrakt live at Sydney’s new Microsoft Technology Centre.

Charged with designing the new flagship fit-out of one of the world’s largest technology companies, Darlinghurst-based studio TomMarkHenry looked to its unique Sydney location for inspiration.

Set above the iconic Martin Place GPO, the new Microsoft Technology Centre required a client front of house space, a customer technology centre, as well as staff touchdown spaces. The brief to TomMarkHenry was to provide unique experiences in each space that not just reflected their specific use, but also ensured that they felt part of the overall design.

tommarkhenrytommarkhenryTraditional details found in the historic building were used as reference points throughout, as were the strong and varied palette of Australia’s natural colours.  The repeated use of strong, undulating shapes throughout further accentuated this theme, creating bold workspaces that defy traditional office design norms.  Local artists were engaged to create unique design elements, such as a bold mural wall by Melbourne-based designer Cassie Byrnes.

tommarkhenryTomMarkHenryFibonacci Stone’s ‘Abstrakt’ was specified for this exciting project, again showcasing its versatility and ability to work alongside a broad mix of materials. “We were drawn to the bold contrast and exaggerated scale of the Abstrakt terrazzo,” says Laura Ng, Interior Designer for TomMarkHenry. “Its monochromatic tones create a stable base for the room, grounding the vivid colours that wrap the rest of the space.”


tommarkhenry“Our ‘Abstrakt’ stone is really becoming a bit of a rock-star in its own right,” says Fibonacci Stone’s Creative Director, Michael Karakolis.  “It’s playful elements set into a sublimely gentle palette are proving to work just as beautifully in domestic projects as well as large commercial ones – it’s a great to see its potential being realised by designers.”

All Fibonacci Stone products are guaranteed no lead-time and delivery within seven days.

Photography by Damian Bennett

How a curious student and a dose of heartfelt nostalgia led to a very special Fibonacci Stone creation.

Fatima's Reflection

If there is one product that exemplifies the Fibonacci Stone story, it’s the tale of Fatima’s Reflection, from our Muse range.  Creative Director, Michael Karakolis, takes us along on the journey.

“I spend loads of time overseas at our manufacturing partners, working on literally hundreds of ideas and sample variations for new stone designs.  I imagine them, then we create them, test them, change elements, and refine them.”

“It was during one of these trips that a young university student – who was doing general office admin – showed an interest in what I was doing, and began enquiring about the colours and the design creation process.  She was really curious, and I couldn’t help but reward this interest by letting her have a play with the samples in the lab.”

“One of my designs particularly resonated with her, and whilst I was away, she continued to work on it, showing a real instinct and passion for colour.  Next time I went back we refined it further… creating a very beautiful stone. I then asked her about what the design meant to her, and she simply replied, ‘It reminds me of home.’

“Of course, we had to name it after her, and thus, ‘Fatima’s Reflection’ was born…”

A heady mix of warm hues, redolent of the colours and aromas of Fatima’s homeland, Morocco, we’ve conjured a tagine-ful of cayenne, cumin, saffron with just a smattering of aniseed, to create this tribute to a colleague’s heartland.   

“We told her to look out for the product, and she was thrilled to be recognised in its name, and as its muse.”

Fatima finished her studies and is now back in Morocco. “We heard from her just recently, and guess what?  Fatima is getting married and has asked my family and I to attend. To me, this story embodies the core values at the heart of Fibonacci Stone – it’s where our working relationships directly forge beautiful concoctions  – and it’s why we prize our working partnerships so highly.”

Photography by Haydn Cattach | Styling by Bek Sheppard | Hero image styled by Nat Turnbull

Wellard Architects fuse the old and the new with Flannel Flower

downshire rd

Architectural projects that merge older, existing buildings with contemporary additions are oft-attempted, yet not always seamlessly realised. This stunning project by Wellard Architects is one that nails it.

Commissioned by a young family to transition their Elsternwick Edwardian into a flexible, open and contemporary space to take them into the future, “the aim was to preserve a curated retention of delightful Edwardian details to attract rather than detract from the homes modern edge,” says principle architect, Huw Wellard.

The ensuite is a study in delicate tonality, punctuated by a striking black steel framed shower screen.  Light oak cabinetry and pale stone bench-tops are enhanced by the gentle, traditional terrazzo characteristics of Fibonacci Stone’s Flannel Flower.  Its mix of warm grey and fresh white fragments set within a light grey base work to perfectly fuse the bathroom’s new elements, and link it to the stunning original Edwardian fireplace that’s been given a contemporary update via a simple timber over-mantle.

This graceful palette is carried through to the master bathroom, with its deep freestanding bath, as well as the well-planned galley laundry.

“Bearing witness to the contemporary application of an ancient stone technique is one of the great joys of the job,” says Fibonacci Stone’s creative director, Michael Karakolis. “Projects such as these that merge old and new architecture are a wonderful testament to the depth of our design range.”

wellard architects

wellard architects

downshire rd

wellard architects

wellard architects

downshire rd

wellard architects

wellard architects

Images courtesy of Wellard Architects | Photography by Derek Swalwell | Styling Bek Sheppard

Otherworldly in shape and form – Abstrakt


Otherworldly in shape and form, Abstrakt is sublimely gentle in its palette and composition, its pieces seeming to drift breezily around each other.

Referencing the playful elements of design from the 1950s to 80s, it’s inkblot-like shapes in shades of grey marble are set within a white base and present an assured, modernist form.

Abstrakt Terrazzo Tiles are ideal for both residential and commercial flooring applications as they possess a high slip resistance, require minimal ongoing maintenance and have a lifespan of over 30 years.



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Photography by Haydn Cattach | Styling by Bek Sheppard

Share the joy! All of our tiles are Stocked Items with NO LEAD TIME!


After a three-year overhaul to our supply chain, Fibonacci Stone are the only Australian terrazzo stone company with a totally planned inventory – which means that our entire collection is available right now – not just a smattering of odds, ends, and project left-overs. “We have finally turned the tables in favour of the designer and the client,” says Creative Director, Michael Karakolis.

“Truly unique products, the ones that can’t be replicated, can make such a significant contribution to a project’s overall design, however these products often have limited availability or long lead times, making it impossible to meet project completion dates,” he says.  “We feel it’s a big and important achievement for us to be able to take the stress and uncertainty out of the specification process, guaranteeing no lead time, and therefore, no need for re-selections,” he says.  

And if you’ve been keeping a tab on us, you will remember we said there would be more to come?  We’re constantly refining our collection, honing the classics and responding to market trends.

All new releases are fully stocked with no lead time and can be delivered within 7 days.



lands edgeLands Edge


FibonacciStone_Dark Neues TerrazzoDark Neues

neues grey fineNeues Grey Fine

Photography by Haydn Cattach / Styling by Bek Sheppard & Nat Turnbull

Cloudburst – a stunningly contemporary finish


Cloudburst hits the ground at a gentle pace, and its occasional warm russet stone delivers an overall soft and fragmented surface.

Fine marble chips, with a smattering of black dust in the base create a stunningly contemporary finish, which appears lighter when laid en masse.

Cloudburst Terrazzo Tiles are ideal for both residential and commercial flooring applications as they possess a high slip resistance, require minimal ongoing maintenance and have a lifespan of over 30 years.


cloudburstSpanish House by Kennon Studio / Photography by Caitlin Mills


cloudburstSpanish House by Kennon Studio / Photography by Caitlin Mills


Photography by Haydn Cattach / Styling by Bek Sheppard