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Memobottle introduces new collection.

Regular readers will remember that we introduced the original memobottle™ to you back in 2015, so when we heard they had announced an all-new second range, we had to share their great products again!

The new memobottle™ continues to combine minimalist, sustainable design with everyday functionality, as the Australian-based company, memobottle™, launched their highly anticipated second range of bottles and accessories on crowd funding platform Kickstarter, on July 26th 2017.

480 billion single-use bottles were consumed in 2016, despite 91% of the world’s population having access to clean drinking water. The founders at memobottle™ are committed to changing this in a big way!

memobottle™ co-founders Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt launched the A5 and A6 memobottles™ in 2014, with a vision for global change. “The bottles were designed to overcome major frustrations that we had in society”, said Leeworthy. Firstly, the devastating environmental impact of single use water bottles, and secondly, the inability to fit cylindrical water bottles in our bags.

The memobottle™ is designed to encourage the reuse of your water bottle by making it more desirable and convenient to carry, in order to create a vehicle for change.

The new range includes two new slimline premium water bottles: the A7, which holds 180ml (6 floz) and is perfect for clutches, pockets and kids; and the tall, elegant and considered slim memobottle™, holding 450ml (15 fl oz) and creating a perfect fit in the hand.

Both memobottles™ come with a sleek stainless steel lid. Copper and matte black lids are also available in the new range. The Kickstarter campaign also includes high-quality, genuine leather sleeves for the entire memobottle™ range (in partnership with Kinnon), and premium copper desk stands, acting as podiums to show off your memobottle™.

Co-founder Jonathan Byrt explains, “we’ve had great global success with our current range of memobottles™, which has been invaluable for generating exposure and helping to inspire a more reusable society. This campaign is not about getting as many people as possible to buy a memobottle™, it is about collaboratively working as a community to become more reusable – whether it is with our products, or with any other reusable alternative out there.”

“Our mission is to play a vital role in helping to halve the current single-use water bottle consumption by 2020.”

1% of Kickstarter takings will be donated by memobottle™ to, providing clean drinking water to those around the planet in need.


Usable Sculptures by Anna Karlin

­­New York-based multidisciplinary designer Anna Karlin describes her furniture and lighting creations as ‘usable sculptures’.

Karlin worked as an art director in London before moving to New York in 2010. Her talents stretch from cosmetics packaging to jewellery and set design, but it’s her furniture and lighting that has captured the greatest attention.

Karlin’s sculptural designs share a simple material palette of wood, brass, glass and ceramic. Her output includes sculptural pendant lights, such as the Trio Spear Pendant Light, which features three lights balanced by a satin black cone light source at one end and a hand-blown white glass orb on the other.

Her Curved Chaise design is made from solid steel that carefully bent into a perfect reclining angle with elegant bolsters for cushioning. Karlin’s Chess Piece stools and armchairs, made from wood and brass, are sculptural designs shaped just as their name suggests.

“I want my work to act as sculptures in a room,” Karlin has said. “They don’t seek to dominate but should be a pleasant surprise or an unexpected element in an eclectic tableau, however clean or complex that might be.”

Karlin’s ability to work across so many mediums presents endless design possibilities.

“The studio has become this amazing bubble where we can produce what we want when we want,” Karlin has said. “There’s not one thing we don’t know how to make or get made.”

We look forward to seeing what’s next.

Terrazzo Furniture by Carly Jo Morgan

Terrazzo takes on a spiritual edge in the latest Terrazzo Furniture designs from LA-based artist Carly Jo Morgan.

This ambitious new collection of terrazzo furniture and lighting reflects Morgan’s interest in human evolution, growth and transition. It also highlights the unlimited potential of this timeless material.

Morgan’s list of talents includes jewellery and wallpaper design and she regularly collaborates with her husband, Matthew, on their furniture design label, Made by the Morgans.

Her latest collection of sculptural terrazzo furniture was exhibited earlier this year as part of her first solo show, Transmutation, at Not So General gallery and showroom in Hollywood.

The artist’s choice of terrazzo is based on the way this beautiful material is created. Marble chips are combined with concrete to form terrazzo, which is ground down and polished to create an elegant and timeless material. Morgan describes the process as a transformation.

Morgan’s designs are inlaid with brass and resin symbols such as hands, moons and snakes. “I like to be reminded of snake medicine as much as possible,” Morgan has said, “because it emphasizes that we can transmute all poisons and shed the skins of the past.”

The Transmutation collection of terrazzo designs includes the Yin Yang Tables, which feature twin surfaces in pink and black with a brass inlay, the pink Serpentine Heart Song lamp and the Cozy Club Chair, which is available with a soft sheepskin cushion.

Terrazzo is given new life in the hands of Carly Jo Morgan and her Transmutation collection shows how this timeless material continues to evolve.


Corvi Wine and Champagne Coolers

Glasses are being raised around the globe in celebration of a sophisticated wine cooler that sees modern art matched with functionality.

The Corvi Wine and Champagne Coolers are a striking range of handcrafted concrete vessels that use an advanced casting method to maximise the strength and mass of concrete in a contemporary and slender form.

Designed by Argentinian-based Francisco Corvi for IntoConcrete, the concrete coolers are surprisingly lightweight. They are available in a range of colours, such as Arctic White and Graphite grey, and can be stacked on top of each other so you can create your own modern masterpiece in the form of a wine rack. This makes it hard to stop at just one.

Fibonacci Stone_ Corvi Wine Coolers_Blog Images6

The inspiration for the stackable nature came at an early age for the designer, who says, “Every toy I had as a child was disassembled and assembled again using other things. This curiosity was my first design influence.”

After being placed in the freezer, the coolers remain chilled for many hours due to their mass and add a sleek elegance to any social gathering. Clean, sharp planes give them a jewel-like quality and their smooth surface is minimalist and edgy.

The rule of thumb is to serve white wine at 7-12˚C and concrete is the ideal material for maintaining the ideal temperate. We’ll drink to that!

Fibonacci Stone_ Corvi Wine Coolers_Blog Images5

Fibonacci Stone_ Corvi Wine Coolers_Blog Images4

Fibonacci Stone_ Corvi Wine Coolers_Blog Images3


Lounge Chair Opper by Gregoire de Lafforest

Leather and marble may not seem like natural bedfellows but they come together perfectly in the ‘Lounge Chair Opper’, created by French designer Gregoire de Lafforest for Galerie Gosserez in Paris.

A stunning take on the 1970s motorcycle saddle, the chair is stylish and comfortable with a gently curving leather seat supported by a luxurious Carrara marble base.

Fibonacci Stone_Lounge Chair Opper by Gregoire de Lafforest_Blog Images_03

Opper’s quilted leather surface upholsters a soft and lightly dense foam inside with the rigid marble axis uniting the two elements. The marble block extends sideways to form a supporting table and adds a further element of self-sufficiency to this elegant and functional furniture design.


Fibonacci Stone_Lounge Chair Opper by Gregoire de Lafforest_Blog Images_05

While it may look like a solid block of marble, with the impression of dense heaviness, the supporting base is hollow. This allows for the storage of cushions or a throw to round out the experience of comfort. The two pieces are also separable, allowing for easy transportation.

Fibonacci Stone_Lounge Chair Opper by Gregoire de Lafforest_Blog Images_06

The Lounge Chair Opper is a functional piece of art worthy of a place in the finest living space.  It’s another example of the outstanding work from this talented interior architect and designer, whose designs include the Hermes headquarters in Paris, Cartier boutiques and the Ciel de Paris restaurant atop the Montparnese Tower.

Fibonacci Stone_Lounge Chair Opper by Gregoire de Lafforest_Blog Images_08

Habitat terrazzo trivet by Sly

When Melbourne-based designer Lauren Finks launched her Sly brand in 2013, her focus was on screen-printed fabrics. Now she’s expanded her collection to include a range of elegant homewares, including the Habitat terrazzo trivet set made from luxurious Fibonacci Stone.

Sly embodies Lauren’s belief that the simple pleasures in life can inspire beautiful product designs. She draws on her love of Scandinavian and modernist design and adds a touch of Australia flavour throughout her collection, which includes cushions made of linen, velvet and felt, tea towels, soy candles and trays made from powder-coated steel and birch play.

fibonacci stone _ terrazzo trivets _sly_Lauren Finks3

The Habitat four-piece terrazzo trivet set is made from Fibonacci Stone and features a spectrum of blue-brown tones that range from pale powder blues through to dark matte browns. As terrazzo is blended from natural materials and minerals, the colour of the terrazzo trivets has a natural variation that adds character to these stylish home accessories.

fibonacci stone _ terrazzo trivets _sly_Lauren Finks2

Each beautifully textured trivet has a polished top has a rubber bumper on the base to protect surfaces from scratching. They can be used as individual coasters or grouped together to create a larger trivet.

The Sly brand was created in Melbourne and Lauren is committed to using local materials and processes wherever she can. In keeping with the local flavour, Sly will be exhibiting at this year’s DENFair.

We’ll be there to take a closer look!


Styling @beksheppard

Photography @annetteobrien

Pettersen & Hein invite you HOME

A home has many functions – a physical shelter, a place of personal expression and a refuge from daily life outside. But what if a home’s function could be stripped away and its contents – such as chairs, tables and lights – became works of art rather than objects with a practical purpose?

This question has been posed by Danish design duo Pettersen & Hein in their latest exhibition, Home, at Etage Projects gallery in Copenhagen. Lea Hein and Magnus Pettersen are renowned for transforming everyday objects into beautiful sculptures and their Home exhibition plays with notions of what we call furniture.

Pettersen & Hein invite you HOME exhibition_07

The exhibition features a floor of striking multi-coloured concrete tiles and a series of sculptural abstract forms. There are rough-cut concrete vases, conceptual side tables and polished steel chairs that reflect both the tiled floor and the other objects in the exhibition. “The floor becomes alive and the surrounding furniture becomes like people in your ‘home’,” the design duo explains of the mirrored pieces.

Pettersen & Hein invite you HOME exhibition_09

Hein is a furniture designer and maker and Pettersen is an artist and a graduate from Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen who is recognised for his concrete sculptures. Despite their different backgrounds, their collaborations have garnered attention around the world. “When boundaries between design and art are effaced, potential for magic occurs,” they’ve said. “When working in the space between art and design you are free from restrictions, there are no rules. Having fewer limitations allows you to work experimentally.”

HOME pays homage to material, colour and form rather than functional use and presents a different perspective on the objects that reside between our four walls.

All Photography by  David Stjerneholm

Pettersen & Hein invite you HOME exhibition_01

Pettersen & Hein invite you HOME exhibition_011

Pettersen & Hein invite you HOME exhibition_05

Pettersen & Hein invite you HOME exhibition_04

Pettersen & Hein invite you HOME exhibition_03

Pettersen & Hein invite you HOME exhibition_02

Scroll Ice Cream by Studio Twocan & One Design Office

If Scroll Ice Cream’s sweet icy treats weren’t tempting enough, its new flagship store looks good enough to eat. Its pigmented concrete bar is inspired by the layers of flavours and fruits that go into a serve of Scroll ice cream. Who would have thought a solid material like concrete could look so soft and appetizing?

Scroll is Melbourne’s first Thai cold-plate ice creamery – think of liquid ice cream poured onto a sub-zero tepenyaki plate, refrozen flat and then rolled with a blade to create delicious scrolls.

Scroll engaged Melbourne architecture practice One Design Office to create the design for their flagship store. The architects explain that they wanted an ‘ice-cream-like’ material that was fresh, fun, organic, durable and structural. “It led us to think … what if we could mix colours into poured concrete?”

Fibonacci Stone_ Scroll Ice Cream_Studio Twocan _ One Design Office_02

One Design Office worked alongside bespoke construction company Twig and Co and Studio Twocan to bring the multicoloured design to life. Vibrantly coloured concrete batches were mixed on site before being poured into a framework mould.

Studio Twocan have already captured out attention for their beautiful layered ‘cement ceramic’ designs. Sisters Maddie and Becc Sharrock colour the cement using pigment to create an organic layering inspired by Australian landscapes. In the case of the Scroll flagship store, their colour inspiration was drawn from fruity ice cream flavours.

Fibonacci Stone_ Scroll Ice Cream_Studio Twocan _ One Design Office_03

One Design Office and Studio Twocan told Dezeen: “The monolithic façade of Scroll Ice Cream’s flagship store stands out in a crowd. The design looks to encapsulate both the product and manufacturing process of mixing icy layers of flavours and fruits.”

We love how the design gives this rock-hard substrate material a sense of fluidity and softness. It’s a solid design – and it looks tasty, too!



The Spring Street Penthouse by Kerry Phelan Design Office

The Spring Street Penthouse, located opposite Melbourne’s Fitzroy Gardens, appears as a tribute to the Memphis design movement. Its interior features bold shapes and eye-popping colours that are just as striking as its 360-degree views of the city.

A former residence of Australia’s first billionaire, Robert Holmes à Court, the penthouse’s most recent owner, businessman Greg Hargrave, engaged Kerry Phelan Design Office (K.P.D.O) to create a bespoke design. The four bedroom, 400sqm penthouse was gutted and the entire flow was changed to create an enfilade – doorways to each room are perfectly aligned in order to create expansive, unobstructed views when the doors are open.

Fibonacci Stone Blog _ spring street_kerry phelan design office kpdo6

Eclectic furniture and objects fill each room, including an original 1981 Oceanic lamp by Memphis designer Michele de Lucchi, a faux marble Louis XV Goes to Sparta sofa by Maurizio Galante for Baleri Italia and a limited-edition Rainbow Poly coffee table by Max Lamb.

The design pieces span the decades and K.P.D.O selected a truly timeless material for the flooring in key areas of the penthouse – Fibonacci Stone terrazzo tiles in Seascape and Dove Grey.

Fibonacci Stone Blog _ spring street_kerry phelan design office kpdo8

Seascape a subtle blue composition with muted white and light grey marble aggregate chips. Our Dove Grey terrazzo tiles are characterised by an array of neutral shades of white, grey, shell and browns to create a sophisticated finish. Both terrazzo tiles provide the perfect subtle backdrop for the colourful interiors at the Spring Street Penthouse.

The design of the Spring Street Penthouse forms the perfect foundation for a bold and extensive collection of furniture and objects. Kerry Phelan has described the brief for this project as ‘thrilling’ and we think the final result has the same effect.

Fibonacci Stone Blog _ spring street_kerry phelan design office kpdo4

Fibonacci Stone Blog _ spring street_kerry phelan design office kpdo3

Fibonacci Stone Blog _ spring street_kerry phelan design office kpdo2

Fibonacci Stone Blog _ spring street_kerry phelan design office kpdo9

Fibonacci Stone Blog _ spring street_kerry phelan design office kpdo10

Fibonacci Stone Blog _ spring street_kerry phelan design office kpdo1


Classic designs never go out of style. That’s why we admire the work of Australian fashion label GINGER & SMART. They’ve just opened their equally stylish flagship store on the Gold Coast and it features Fibonacci Stone Coral terrazzo tiles!

Founded in 2002 by Sydney-based sisters Alexandra and Genevieve Smart, GINGER & SMART is preparing for an exciting new direction and its new boutique, designed by Flack Studio, is a sign of things to come.

fibonacci-stone_flack-studio_ginger-smart_02The boutique features soft pink walls throughout and contrasting deep ‘petrol green’ walls at the rear of the space. A blend of materials includes plush carpet, luxurious curtains, marble, American Oak and Fibonacci Stone Coral terrazzo tiles.

Inspired by the magical colours of an ocean reef, the Coral terrazzo tiles were the first release from our new boutique series of batch made tiles, which are produced in small quantities for select Australian market segments.

They feature an elegant balance of orange and pink pigments with accents of white, grey and shell. We think they create the beautiful foundation for the new GINGER & SMART boutique, which is located in the Gold Coast’s premier shopping centre Pacific Fair.

We created the Coral terrazzo tiles in collaboration with multidisciplinary design practice, Projects of Imagination, whose projects include some of Melbourne’s most celebrated restaurants and hospitality venues, such as Chin Chin, Trunk Golden Fields and Moon Under Water.

It’s great to know that designers of the calibre of David Flack and GINGER & SMART also admire this beautiful terrazzo tile and we look forward to following the new design direction of this Australian fashion label.





Images by Toby Scott