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A celebration of imperfections in design, sisters Maddie and Becc Sharrock of Studio Twocan create beautiful cement ceramics that reflect the colours of the Australian landscape.

Melbourne-based Studio Twocan is a creative sister act managed by Maddie and Becc. The multidisciplinary design studio specialises graphic design, branding and visual merchandising, put it’s their unique and stunning cement ceramics that are proving to be the true standout.

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Maddie and Becc have refined their range over the past two years. “We are very conscious of the short lifecycle of products in today’s world,” they say. “Studio Twocan is committed to producing good design and using quality materials.”

Becc is an experienced graphic designer and Maddie is an artist. Believing that two heads are better than one, they combine their talents to create a range that borrows equally from the design and arts world. “We challenge the ordinary, and each other, in design and production,” they say.

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Studio Twocan’s range includes cement ceramic pots, candleholders, floor lights, vases and pendant lights. The sisters use found objects to create the moulds and then pour the concrete into then. Every piece is individually handcrafted and coloured with stunning, intense pigments to create an organic layering effect, which is inspired by the colours of the Australian landscape. Each piece is polished with natural oils, creating a beautiful satin finish that conserves their brilliant colour.

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Maddie and Becc choose to work with cement for its ‘raw and unpretentious honesty’ and they view their designs as a celebration of imperfections. “We enjoy using cement as the finished work is vibrant and tactile, and this is a surprising contrast to the raw, cold, heavy-dutyness of the commercial material,” says Maddie.

Studio Twocan manage to turn imperfections into something close to perfection. Their work shows the wonderful possibilities that arise when two talents are combined.

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