australian ballet

Fibonacci Stone and Hassell Studio – an en pointe collaboration – The Australian Ballet

A collaborative spirit is one of hallmarks of Fibonacci Stone, and the beauty and strength of this approach could not be better illustrated than in our recent work with Hassell Studio in their refurbishment of the Australian Ballet headquarters in Melbourne. “Leah Hudson-Smith of Hassell wished to specify a terrazzo in a palette of flesh


Dark Neues_Terrazzo

NEW RELEASE: Fibonacci Dark Neues Terrazzo

Like its counterpart, Neues Grey, Dark Neues was inspired by mid C19th Brutalist forms. Dark Neues combines complex, craggy forms set into a deep grey base, according it a robust and powerful appearance. – Neues is where architecture and nature collide to create a distinctly robust, unapologetic homage to the hard-edged beauty of Brutalist forms.  Intense


road trip_fibonacci stone

Introducing the Ankle Deep range of terrazzo by Fibonacci Stone

Although ancient in its beginnings, the rich tradition of creating composite stone has become an enduring craft, universally coveted by architects, designers and homemakers.  But, as with most things created here in Australia, we like to add our own spin – or in our case – our own grit, to the story.   Our unique Antipodean


Fibonacci Stone Pavlova

No more design delays and disappointments as Fibonacci Stone announces an end to lead-time frustrations.  Plus, we’ve released another beautiful series of new colours.

This is not a drill… “Why yes, that product is available. Yessssss, right now. As in, immediately. Noooo, there are no lead times… you can totally have it, like now… actually!” And the best bit is – we are not pranking you! After a three-year overhaul to our supply chain, Fibonacci Stone can now boast


The Raven

Introducing the INTUIT Collection of terrazzo by Fibonacci Stone

To intuit is to know or discover by intuition… and, if there’s one thing designers might (we said might) agree on, it’s that decision making is not always rooted in logic or reason.  And if we had a dollar for every time a client or customer said “I don’t know why I like it, but


Fibonacci Stone_Made By Morgen

Designer Focus: Made by Morgen

Here at Fibonacci Stone, we believe that our products are much more than just the sum of their parts.  History, craftsmanship, and materiality all converge with today’s best design practices to create a narrative for their future use – enabling us to work with architects and designers to create projects of exceptional quality and timelessness.


fibonacci stone_hinoak_neues grey

Fibonacci Neues Grey debuts at Hinoak by Biasol

We’re thrilled to see our new Fibonacci Stone products start to appear in some of Australia’s latest standout interior projects. Our Neues Grey was recently specified by Melbourne design studio Biasol for the bar area of Hinoak, an elegantly modern take on a traditional Korean barbecue restaurant in Glen Waverley. Biasol drew inspiration for this


Let’s turn up the Neues.

Here at Fibonacci Stone we take our inspiration from many things – art, architecture, travel, fashion, history, nature and, of course, Australia’s thriving design scene.  It’s our design intent to be responsive to the current market trends, but to also lead the way with more directional offerings, all backed up by Fibonacci Stone’s unparalleled quality


studio griffiths

A custom-cut collaboration with Studio Griffiths at their Mainridge 2 Residence

Eschewing the typically rough-hewn or sea-faring styles adopted for many coastal/country homes, Studio Griffiths took a refined and elegant approach when designing Main Ridge 2, located in the inland rolling hills of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. Despite its nod to barn-style architecture, the striking deep grey weatherboard and colourbond structure sits smartly within its manicured landscape,


The new au79 café from Mim Design

A transformed auto repair garage is taking pole position in the race for best venue in Abbotsford thanks to a new interior from Mim Design. Au79, which takes its name from a combination of the symbol and atomic number for gold, is a multi-functional space with an indoor botanic garden, café, bakery, patisserie, and coffee roaster. It’s