TERRAZZO TILES Material & Characteristics

It is important to gain an understanding of the material composition and characteristics of the various types of Terrazzo tiles when specifying and prior to installation.

Composition Fibonacci Stone Terrazzo tiles are produced finished and do not require further polishing following installation. Tiles are manufactured using specialised techniques with the final product consisting of more than 75% natural stone bonded with an inorganic binder (Portland cement) and pigment oxides used for colour. This allows the density to increase, resulting an exceptionally strong but thin profile product with excellent physical mechanical properties. All monolayer Terrazzo tiles are classified moisture sensitive and the right choice of materials and installation methods is essential to the success of your installation.

Aesthetic Consistent with all cementitious and natural stone products, tonal variation in the final aesthetic will appear due to the natural materials used. During and immediately following installation, Terrazzo tiles will continue to release small amounts of moisture and will typically show a lighter shade to the perimeter of the tile known as “TV effect”. This is a result of evaporation of moisture and will reduce over time.

 Versatile Terrazzo tiles can be polished in-situ to achieve a completely flat floor surface. This is an option sometimes considered for shopping centres and airports where trolleys are being utilised.

Edging & Profiles Completely homogenous, Terrazzo tiles can be profiled to create edging as required. Only use experienced stonemasons with required tools and methods to achieve the optimal result.

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