Substrate adequacy is imperative to the installation performance as excess moisture, shrinkage, deflection and impurities may compromise floor system performance. Confirm any structural conditions such as: ground or building movement; excessive deflection or delayed shrinkage onset of the substrate and environmental conditions such as excessive water, sunlight, heat or frost. The structure and substrate must meet the relevant building code and/or standard.

Screeds are usually required to build up to and/or level the surface for installation and when installed as a separating layer to the structural substrate may aid with absorbing deflection, shrinkage and/or cracking in the structural slab without transferring it to the tiled surface. All screeds must meet the relevant building code and/or standard.

Surface preparation must be in accordance with Australian Standards for the specific background being adhered to so that the surface is adequate for maximum bond.

When using primers and/or membranes attention is drawn to the need for complete compatibility between –the substrate and all primers/membranes used on the substrate; and the particular adhesive used to fasten the tiles to the substrate.

For typical installations over a reinforced concrete substrate Fibonacci Stone recommends Mapei Primer G water dispersion synthetic resin primer.


Fibonacci Stone advises contractors contact a Mapei specialist for information about their products before making their final decision. Contact Mapei at