Following installation inspect the finished surface for any stains, damage and/or imperfections as some items may be easily repaired. Use only proprietary neutral detergents to clean the surface. Do not use harsh chemicals, acid or alkaline and protect the installation from construction damage. Do not use scissor lifts until the installation is completely cured.

Terrazzo tiles are porous and it is recommended that a reputable sealing contractor carry out all cleaning and sealing applications. Both water-based impregnating sub-surface and water based acrylic protective coating sealers are compatible with Terrazzo tiles. Selecting the appropriate sealer and sealing method depends on the expected conditions the application will be exposed to as well as the maintenance regime that will be implemented.

During the initial cleaning & sealing process, using specialized polishing pads the finished surface can be further enhanced by removing any fine scratches that may have occurred during the construction period.

The Fibonacci Stone technical support team is available to assist you in determining the best practise for your installation. For more information telephone 1300 342 662 or email at

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