When installing Terrazzo tiles, it is imperative the tiles are bedded to achieve the maximum possible bond, ensuring the adhesive bed is free of voids beneath the tile. In accordance with Australian Standards, tile sizes 40x40cm or greater require the method of “back-buttering” when installing to achieve 100% coverage of the tile.

Installations are at their most vulnerable during and immediately following installation. As climate conditions can vary it is important to avoid installations on very hot days. Protect the installation from water and heat during the bonding process.

Only when the adhesive has completely set and the joints are free from dust and debris, completely fill the joints using the appropriate grout for the application. Terrazzo tiles are porous and extra care should be taken when grouting Do not use dark or contrasting grouts and completely cover the entire surface of the tile with grout to avoid “framing” and ensure all grout residue is cleaned using proprietary grout cleaners. Do not allow grout to dry on the tile surface, as it will become difficult to remove. A suitable pre-sealer can be applied to the tiles prior to grouting to assist with grout release.

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