NEW RELEASE: Fibonacci Dark Neues Terrazzo

Dark Neues_Terrazzo

Like its counterpart, Neues Grey, Dark Neues was inspired by mid C19th Brutalist forms. Dark Neues combines complex, craggy forms set into a deep grey base, according it a robust and powerful appearance.

Neues is where architecture and nature collide to create a distinctly robust, unapologetic homage to the hard-edged beauty of Brutalist forms.  Intense but never overpowering, the Neues range plays on light on shade, each with a faint warmth to be found within its base.   Fibonacci Stone’s founder and creative director Michael Karakolis, describes the Neues range as having been “developed with the driving intent to create the perfect hard surface stone for main floor areas.  We’ve found that it creates an incredibly versatile base palette for lighter or more moody schemes, as the subtle colouring of greys set within a contrasting warm base provide a light appearance overall, but it also provide the best performance characteristics of a darker floor.”

“We’ve designed the Neues range with variations in the aggregate size, from a traditional terrazzo look right down to very refined superfine blend, so the designer may control the impact of the tile in the overall design – and the floor texture can be scaled up or down, according to the project,” says Michael. “They can also be used together  – it’s not incredibly noticeable when viewed en masse, but on closer inspection a beautiful new layer of interest will emerge.”

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dark_neues_terrazzoFibonacci Stone are the only Australian terrazzo stone company with a totally planned inventory – which means that our entire collection is available right now.

All new releases are fully stocked with no lead time and can be delivered within 7 days.

FibonacciStone_Dark Neues Terrazzo

FibonacciStone_Dark Neues Terrazzo

FibonacciStone_Dark Neues Terrazzo

FibonacciStone_Dark Neues Terrazzo

Photography by Haydn Cattach

Styling and Art Direction by Bek Sheppard

Story cover image – Photography by Haydn Cattach & Styling by Nat Turnbull

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