Middletown Café by Studio Tate

Middletown Café by Studio Tate may be inspired by a Duchess but we think it’s fit for a Queen.

Located in Prahran, the café has an elegant design that brings to life Kate Middleton’s journey from the English countryside to the royal court – and Fibonacci Stone terrazzo tiles are featured among this esteemed interior.

Studio Tate collaborated with graphic design studio Pop + Pac and worked closely with their clients, who regard the Duchess of Cambridge as a ‘modern muse’.

Fibonacci Stone_Studio Tate_Middletown_07 blog

The interior draws on royal references while also embodying the unpretentious style that Kate brings to her role of Duchess. There’s a nod to the old and the new, which can be seen in the choice of contemporary terrazzo tiles laid in a traditional checkerboard pattern.

Fibonacci Stone_Studio Tate_Middletown_05Studio Tate chose Fibonacci Stone Platinum and Steel terrazzo tiles, which contrast beautifully in the checkerboard style. Platinum’s fine grain and neutral palette of warm greys and beige complement the bold blue-grey tones of the Steel tiles and both work beautifully with the overall palette of Middletown Café.

Fibonacci Stone_Studio Tate_Middletown_03The material palette includes stone, metal and timber. Royal blue is the dominant colour, along with accents of brass, feminine pastel pink and white.

We think the Duchess would approve.

Fibonacci Stone_Studio Tate_Middletown_06

Fibonacci Stone_Studio Tate_Middletwon Cafe_01Photography by Peter Clarke


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