Discover Fibonacci Lands Edge Terrazzo

Lands Edge

Hints of warmth in these beautifully translucent light grey and white shards create an unexpected softness (kind of like when the sun hits the slopes…or the ice in your poolside cocktail).

When set into an even mid-grey base, the effect is subtle, inviting a tactile response – Lands Edge is one of those products you’ll want to reach out and touch.

Lands Edge Terrazzo Tiles are ideal for both residential and commercial flooring applications as they possess a high slip resistance, require minimal ongoing maintenance and have a lifespan of over 30 years.

Fibonacci Stone are the only Australian terrazzo stone company with a totally planned inventory – which means that our entire collection is available right now.

All new releases – including Lands Edge – are fully stocked with no lead time and can be delivered within 7 days.

Lands Edge

Lands Edge

Lands Edge

Photography by Haydn Cattach

Hero image styled by Nat Turnbull

All other images styled by Bek Sheppard

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